The Importance of Mental Stimulation

Posted by Bold Commerce Collaborator

Do you remember how excited you were for summer break as a child, and then how quickly that excitement turned into boredom?  You could only watch so many hours of tv or swim so many laps in the pool before your mind turned to mush.

Well, the same thing happens to your dog. 

A dog who lacks sufficient mental stimulation is a bored dog. And unfortunately, a bored dog is oftentimes an ill-behaved dog.  There are various ways to ensure your furry friend keeps his mental wheels turning. Taking your pup for a mindful walk full of sniffing and exploring is a great way to exhaust him both physically and mentally, and a walk is great for you, too.  Let’s face reality, though.  You are a busy person with an even busier life!  How would you ever find the time to let your dog sniff the grass like it’s going out of style every time you took him on a walk? 

Food-stuffed dog toys or long-lasting chew toys provide an effective way to train your dog’s brain without requiring your presence. 

Even more importantly, food-stuffed toys offer the appropriate stimulation to help prevent mental illnesses, such as depression and anxiety, in your dog.  Historically, dogs were bred to help humans accomplish certain jobs.  A dog is genetically pre-disposed to find happiness and satisfaction in exercising his brain to complete a task.  By giving him a food-stuffed toy, you motivate him to accomplish a goal (getting all of the food!) and keep him happy. 

Finally, if you have a puppy, then you are probably intimately familiar with the chewing habits of a young dog.  Puppies are curious and they are teething, which creates the perfect combination for a chewing machine!  By introducing your dog to a food-stuffed toy at an early age, you will encourage healthy chewing habits in your pup.  You may also save yourself from coming home to find your favorite pair of shoes, torn to pieces, lying next to a guilty puppy. 

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As you can see, mental stimulation is vital to the health and happiness of your best four-legged friend.  Get your dog a toy that is more than a treat.  Get your dog some Doggie Distractions!