Charles H.

Joe & Chong S.




Owning a dog has all of its up and downs. Peeing in the house, rolling in something that’s been dead a day too long, playing in the mud, digging in the yard, all these things made up for by their simple and loyal affection. It pains me when I can’t do the best for my dogs. It may be just taking them on a short walk to stretch their legs after a long day in the house. Perhaps, they’re real pent up and need to get out and run run run!


About 1 year into attending graduate school I was turned onto stuffing KONGs® for my pups. It was amazing. I would stuff a few KONGs® and leave the treat filled toys for the dogs to enjoy, voila!

Now, it didn’t end all the howling and barking, but it put my heart at ease to leave without that puppy painful look “you’re going again”. Instead, slobber and tongue lashings all over a simple rubber toy.

After leaving your pet home alone a few times, or even better yet, arriving home to the chorus of howling and barking, it becomes a little distressing.

Some time later, it became a nuisance to stuff these things. I needed 14 a week if I was to give them both one a day. That’s a lot of rubber and a lot of stuffing!

I experimented and discovered my own“flow” for building a couple dozen of these at once. One day we joked that it would be a fun business and my mind started racing.

So I gambled on myself. I read up on starting a dog food business (it’s amazingly regulated!), figuring out logistics, thinking of packaging. One day a logo happened, the next a website…

Here we are, 3 months later in late October of 2018, and we’re stuffing these rubber toys with the most delicious recipes your dogs will have tasted. I am SUPER EXCITED about what we’re doing and I am so hopeful that we can help you with our distractions