Selecting the right toy for your dog is very important to us. Getting a toy that is too large will prevent your dog from being able to get all the filling out. Getting a toy that is too small can be a choking hazard and frustrating to your pup when trying to get its tongue inside. If your dog is not on our breed list AND you cannot find a breed that is comparable in size, then please contact us and we will help you select the proper toy. Aside from our toy selection tool, a general rule of thumb for selecting the right toy is as follows:

  • Small - Dogs up to 20 lbs
  • Medium - Dogs between 15-35 lbs
  • Large - Dogs between 30-65 lbs
  • X-Large - Dogs between 60-90 lbs
  • XX-Large - Dogs greater than 85 lbs

*In all cases, we recommend you choose the larger size and see how your dog does with the toy. This prevents any choking hazard due to the various different jaw configurations for differing breeds.

If your dog has never had experience with a KONG or similar toy, we recommend the following:

1) Get an emptied toy. If you don't have one, ask us and we'll send one with your order so you can get your pup acquainted properly!
2) Play with the toy and put just a bit of peanut butter or wet dog food on the inside rim.
3) Put the toy just out of reach, making it enticing to your pup.
4) When an the pup can't take it, give the toy to them and praise them like you would for any other training.
5) Increase the size of the treat, possibly a chunk of chicken or beef inside, but don't make it too hard to get out.
6) As a first step into our products, we would recommend the Kibble Explosion. Your now familiar dog will find the frozen wet dog food appetizing and the follow-on eruption of kibble even more entertaining.
7) Don't overdo it, make the treat a special occasion, potentially on a daily basis. This is works especially well for crate training, spot training, separation anxiety when you need to leave.

A Doggy-Pop is simply a normal frozen treat with the addition of a 3" to 6" Bully Stick frozen into the center of it. A Bully Stick is actually a dried cow penis which usually provides a hour of chew time for a dog. A Puppy-Pop is the more chewable version of the Doggy-Pop. The Puppy-Pop uses a meat stick of some flavor, like beef jerky, that can be easily consumed, enticing the chewer to continue on to the main course. Puppy-Pops are great to provide your new chewers, and those new to frozen doggy treats, encouragement to continue to enjoy the rest of what is in store.

Although the filling is not human-grade, along with tasting the mix myself, I have a panel of four taste testers (all dogs) who I measure the success or failure of a recipe with. These four are picky and have resulted in as many failures as successful recipes from being WA State approved.

Our method includes a hot soapy water soak (greater than 120 degrees Fahrenheit) and a thorough brushing, to remove all organic matter inside and out. A follow-on immersion in a 3-5% bleach solution including an additional scrubbing inside and out. Then a final rinse in clean water to remove all residue. The toys are then allowed to air-dry.

In the freezer, nearly forever. In your dogs mouth, that depends. Distraction ratings are assigned on some of the products indicating the complexity or difficulty level of the toy selected. All straight frozen treats are baselined in the middle. For example, Kibble Explosion only has a frozen food cap before all the kibble can fall out, that will result in a lower difficulty level. Doggy-pops are rated at the top since they include a Bully Stick which takes time to chew itself. For more voracious chewers or lickers, even the best frozen configuration will be child’s-play.

No. Our treats are made from human food and are fit for consumption by humans, but by definition, we do not prepare or handle the food in a way to be considered human grade. Some state regulations require the use of commercial kitchens in the preparation of dog food, but that alone would not make a food human grade.

The Washington State Department of Agriculture outlines rules and regulations for producing and distributing pet foods. These regulations closely follow Federal guidelines by which most states fully adhere to. As a dog food producer we are required to label and track all batches and lots of mixture made. In the event your dog gets sick, and you suspect our product, we ask you to do the following:
1. Review your product tags which should state the batch and lot numbers.
2. Contact us and we will verify your information.
3. We will then contact all other customers with the same batch and lot to ensure there isn't a widespread issue.
4. In the event that we are responsible for the illness, we will fully refund your product and work with you on a way ahead.

Our terms, conditions, and waiver of liability agreement address these issues. But understand that we are here to serve you and we will do what is necessary to make it right.

We have avoided charging large delivery fees in exchange for a minimum order. If you wish to make a smaller order than 4, you may, but you need to contact us to apply the appropriate delivery fee for your order. Our current prices for delivery under 4 items is $7.00. Delivery for over 4 items is $2.00.

Doggie Distraction's toy return policy runs on a bi-weekly basis or two delivery cycles. For example:

- You order and receive your treats on Wednesday 31 October. You are able to use your treats that week and the week of 5 November. By the 14 October you return your toys. Of course we have leeway, but because of our toy inventory is directly linked to our service volume we will invoice you for the toys at the end of one month (4 weeks).

When all the toys are emptied, quickly rinse and place the toys and the provided packing material (we recycle). On the morning of your scheduled pickup, place the box on your doorstep. We will normally come by before the end of the day and retrieve the toys.

1) Proper and appropriate chewing for puppies. Providing the toy when some quiet time is needed will prevent wondering pups from finding something they shouldn't be chewing.
2) Crate Training. A crate should become dogs den, a place of security and comfort. To make this a positive transition, in addition to an appropriate training program, a wholesome distraction can make the crate a wonderful place to be.
3) When it rains, dogs get edgy if they don't get their normal exercise or mental stimulation. Doggie Distractions provide mental stimulation and physical effort to aide in the distress that comes with lack of exercise. Although they cannot replace exercise, they can help ensure other bad behaviors do not emerge as confinement continues.
4) Spot Training. Ever see a dog who's owner tells them to go to their spot? This is a great elementary step in spot training. Providing a tasty treat in the designated area will make it a joy to stay in one place when told.
5) Guest Stress Desensitization. Does your dog go wild at the arrival of a guest. Aggressive? Strategically providing your guest a special treat to hand over to the wound up hound will help transition guests from scary to family with the proper training program.
6) So your dog enthusiastically greets your guests at the door, jumping, barking, licking. Have your doorbell turn into clicker training for your dog but throwing a tasty treat when a guest arrives. The door bell rings, you prep the toy and play a quick fetch game. Your dog gets a treat and your guests simply enter the home without a puppy hug.
7) A long day away from home - a game of hide and seek. If your pup is especially food driven and you plan to be away a long time you can play a game of hide-and-seek with several toys (preferably different flavors or all their favorite flavor). At first leave a few sprinkled around the house in plain sight. As your dog wonders through your absence he finds a treat! As time goes on, slightly hide the frozen treats. Soon enough you'll be leaving him a delicious minefield of distraction while you are away and he will be happily engaged.
8) Doggie Distractions are good for any occasion when you need peace and quiet! Try them at your next football party, birthday party, or when your furry buddy won't leave you alone while you're trying to work from home.
9) And so much more...

If you happen to lose a toy (or a few) or your dog destroys a toy, we will simply invoice you for the toy(s). If you can find better prices than we offer, we’ll price match.

We strive to ensure your dog is safe by not issuing a toy that looks hazardous or that will potentially fail. If the toy fails, please contact us and we can make alternate arrangements. These toys are not always new and the age will help us determine if it was due for replacement and our responsibility to correct.

Our business is young and the nature of its logistics has necessitated a weekly delivery cycle. At this time we do not have the resources to execute a more frequent delivery schedule. If you find yourself in a pinch due to a vacation or other emergency, please contact us. Our ability to get your order ASAP will be dependent on our current inventory and production cycle. In some cases a convenience fee of not more than $20.00 will be charged.

Dog food production is regulated by the FDA. Generally, the country has defaulted to a set of rules promulgated by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). In addition, each state independently and non-uniformily have adopted their own regulations. All these regulation include a requirement to have the products tested in a laboratory for the listed items in the guaranteed analysis. These provide the MINIMUM requirements a vendor must advertise when making a product available to the community. Doggie Distractions LLC currently only has distribution authority in one state, which is Washington. This means that we are unable to sell our product to any other state, including online sales.

Ash is the inorganic residue remaining after the water and organic matter have been removed as part of nutrient analysis process. For example, during testing for Doggie Distractions, our filling was incinerated. All the protein, fat and carbohydrates were burned away and ash remained. Ash is an important factor because it represents the total amount of minerals within a food. Here is an article on ash.

Distraction Ratings are a simple way for us to help you choose the right level of difficulty for you dog. Having never trained a dog to enjoy a stuffed KONG, handing them a Doggy-Pop may be overwhelming. Just like us, they need some instant gratification and understanding that their work will pay off. Using this chart will help you vary the level of "challenge" your dog experiences with the stuffed toy. If your dog has NEVER had a KONG before, please see our blog posts on the home page for a quick tutorial of introducing your pup to a stuffed treat.